Post Election – November 2016

Within the following links you will find the quarterly edition of the Yellowstone Partners newsletter, Viewpoint. The U.S. election marathon/torture tour is finally over and the media can get back to focusing on other things. Regardless of individual choice for a specific candidate, it is generally thought that the equity market will be less volatile now that there is certainty in regards to the election. Investors in the equity markets like to feel that at least some variables are known when constructing their forward-looking equations. The prediction for a sell-off following a Trump victory proved to be unfounded; however, the potential long-term consequences to the economy and the country will be argued and weighed ad nauseam over the coming months. Because of the importance of the election, we felt that it may be beneficial for clients to have the opportunity to review some expectations from ex- perts and professionals in the field concerning the economy, trade and the markets. To that end we have included a publication from Raymond James titled “Thoughts on The Election”. The publication includes commentary on how a Trump administration may impact the economy, investment strategy, fixed income, equity, energy, and alternative investments. This issue focuses on a post election analysis on what Raymond James Investment Strategy Committee members say: We hope you’ll find this information insightful and useful. Please feel free to forward it along to anyone who might be interested. If you have any questions or comments, please pass them along. Download: Post 2016 Election Economic Viewpoint (For a print friendly version, please download the PDF)